No Tax For MaxYes for Tigard asks “Will this measure cost Tigard money?” Their answer is “Not a penny”.

THE TRUTH: Tigard will sign a contract agreeing to pay TriMet $10 MILLION or more.

But Yes for Tigard says, “Any new tax would require a separate vote”.

THE TRUTH: The key is when will a new tax for Light Rail go to a public vote?

Answer…after it is too late and the city has to pay TriMet $10 million or more.

Taxpayers will be told the city will divert current tax revenue from essential services if voters do not approve a new tax.

Yes For Tigard says the measure will “address traffic congestion”.

THE TRUTH: Let’s be honest, “address” does not mean reduce. Tigard has adopted Portland’s agenda which seeks to deliberately slow traffic.

$250 Million per mile of Light Rail infrastructure will clog traffic lanes and devour funding and space needed for numerous traffic remedies.

THREE MILES of vehicle lanes on 99W/Barbur will be lost, jamming up the vital I-5 overflow blvd.

No Tax For Max

Vote NO on $3 Billion Tigard Light Rail or…

You’ll be forced to pay for it
You’ll Never use it
Traffic will worsen
And Bus Transit will be cut

Light Rail in Tigard means:
ex20Congestion gets worse;
ex20Sacrifices Bus Transit;
ex20Costs $250 million per mile;
ex20Leads to high density development;
ex20Needless overcrowding of Tigard;
ex20Clogging 99w;
ex20Removes lanes from Barbur Blvd.;
ex20Takes away space needed for vehicle lane expansion and       intersection upgrades;
ex20Devours $3 Billion needed for real traffic relief;
ex20Ignores Tualatin Sherwood Road;
ex20Ignores all of the worsening traffic on 99w, 217 and       other Tigard streets.

This $250 Million per mile Portland Light Rail to Bridgeport Village will be the most expensive in US history (beating the previous record set by the MAX Orange line at $204 Million per mile).

Everyone knows we need real traffic relief, not another expensive Transit boondoggle that makes traffic worse!

Please join a growing list of Tigard homeowners and residents who are standing up against this taxpayer-funded light rail boondoggle that will cost over $250 Million per mile and make a mess of our beloved city.

VOTE NO on 34-255

Join Your Neighbors on Facebook and fight back!