70 Reasons to Vote NO on Tigard’s Light Rail measure 34-255

1.COST—$3 billion for 12 miles of tracks is $250 per mile. It’s simply too expensive;

2.REVENUE—Construction funding will reduce funding for public safety, schools, police, parks, libraries and human services;

3.ROADS—Misspending $3 billion will compromise road funding for decades;

4.HONESTY—The deceit from public officials being used to advocate the YES vote is a disgrace;

5.TIGARD— City Hall will sign a contract for millions without asking voters how to pay for it;

6.CONGESTION—Failed planning that push light rail and added density makes congestion worse;

7.POPULATION—The SW Corridor population density is 6/acre. Metro says light rail needs 50/acre to be effective;

8.PACK—Metro’s vision is 1000s of people without cars packed into MAX station areas and living without cars;

9.CLUELESS—Metro and TriMet have no idea if their planning strategies are accomplishing the intended objectives;

10.AUDIT—Metro Auditor Flynn reported that Metro does not check the effectiveness of Light Rail or Transit Oriented Development;

11.POLLUTION—There is no evidence that Light Rail improves air quality in Portland. Deliberate congestion makes it worse.

12.CHOKE—With the taking of road right of way and intersection expansion space light rail will further choke traffic;

13.BUSES—Effective Bus Transit is cut to pay for and force riders onto light rail;

14.CRONY—Light Rail Fat Cats who will make millions wrote big checks to buy the election;

15.PORK—Light Rail is a poster child for Pork Barrel projects meant to promote spending without regard for cost or results;

16.FIT—The obstruction of putting a light rail eyesore where it cannot fit will block every other function;

17.ROADS—99W/Barbur will lose at least 3 miles of vehicle lanes;

18.ISOLATION—Large portions of the line’s location will be isolated;

19.DEVELOPMENT—The very development needed to make it work will not be possible;

20.EXPANSION—Light Rail will block numerous traffic upgrade opportunities that need more room;

21.SLOW—Light Rail averages only 18 mph and only 5 mph though downtown where it shares streets;

22.FEW—TriMet misleads with questionable ridership numbers without revealing the percentage showing how few people use MAX;

23.SENIORS—Even fewer seniors can access or use transit preferring the safety and door to door benefit of driving;

24.LOW—Light Rail is not High Capacity. It’s length of two car “trains” can never be longer than downtown city blocks;

25.MODE—Transit use is in decline, it’s mode share is stuck at 12% and has not increased in 20 years of spending;

26.DENSITY—Light Rail is an excuse to cram more people into the same area while pretending they won’t have cars;

27.SUBSIDIES—Endless tax incentives will be used to pay for high density development;

28.PORTLAND—Tigard is trying to copy all things Portland;

29.VISION—City Hall’s vision for Tigard is identical to same repeated vision regionwide;

30.TOOLS—Tigard is using all of the same Portland schemes & tactics;

31.DEBT—Tigard is abusing Urban Renewal debt that diverts school, police, library and park funds to developers;

32.INVESTMENT—Tigard’s misspending practices have wasted million;

33.BROKE— Tigard has announced it cannot pay it’s bills;

34.DEAD—Light Rail stations and alignements create dead zones causing vacant land for decades;

35.BUSINESS—Light Rail has been bad for business everywhere in the region;

36.HISTORY—The Portland region has 60 MAX miles and 97 MAX stations that have failed to produce what was intended;

37.MODELS—TriMet and Metro use computer models to invent results that do not occur;

38.EFFECTIVE—Neither TriMet or Metro have been checking the effectiveness of their planning strategies;

39.HIDE—TriMet and Metro are covering failure with constant misrepresentations of what has occurred;

40.MODEL—No MAX station has been offered as a success worthy of repeating in Tigard;

41.WES—Failed commuter rail costs over $14 per ride, $28 per commuter without any promised benefit ever provided;

42.TRIANGLE—The Tigard Triangle has been slowly developed with private funds at a market rate;

43.ROUND—Tigard plans to spend millions to turn their Triangle into another failed Round At Beaverton;

44.RUIN—Copying the same failed model will ruin Tigard;

45.PRESERVATION—Changing Tigard with light rail, more apartment bunkers, people and their cars is not preservation;

46.BUREAUCRATS—Countless tax funded bureaucrats are producing misinformation;

47.OVERSIGHT—No one is providing any of the basic scrutiny needed to provide reliable oversight;

48.RESPONSIBILITY—No one is taking responsibility for any of the real outcomes;

49.MERIT—There is no review or tests for merit or legitimacy involved;

50.HOUSING—The strategy of artificially constraining land supply, emphasis on transit and high density has caused the crisis;

51.DYSFUNCTION— he existing MAX system design is fatally flawed with minor issues often shutting down the whole system;

52.UNRELIABLE—The bigger the system gets the more unreliable it becomes;

53.RECORD—2015 was a record year of MAX service disruption;

54.COMMUTERS—Planning failure has people choosing to live further away and commute longer distances;

55.INTOLERANCE—Opposing viewpoints and contradictory information is routinely excluded from consideration;

56.AGENDAS—Much of the push for more of the same comes from agendas that seek to alter how we live;

57.CARS—Out of public view is a swarm of entrenched fanatics who think cars can be replaced with transit;

58.BETTER— Basic traffic engineering along with many better alternatives to more failure are now readily available;

59.GAS—The Tigard gas tax measure, also on the ballot, can be used to for numerous light rail related road and sidewalks elements;

60.TRUST—You cannot trust people who are so willing to misrepresent public policy;

61.VOTE—Light Rail proponents were against the right to a public vote;

62.SAY—The right to vote and the vote to decide on light rail is your ultimate say;

63.CITIZENS—Grass root volunteers gave you the opportunity to have a say;

64.STATE—The state cannot afford to waste billions more or another Portland debacle like the CRC;

65.VOTERS—Light rail proponents previously disrespected voters with a campaign to prevent the right to vote;

66.NAIVE—Light Rail proponents have said it will make Tigard a tourist attraction;

67.FOOLISH—Light Rail cheerleader and former Portland Mayor Vera Katz once compared the Portland Ariel Tram to the Eiffel Tower.

68.JUDGEMENT—Public officials who are obsessed with promoting more failure cannot be allowed to make these decisions.

69.LIVABILITY—Not a single one of the 97 MAX stations has accomplished what was intended.

70.POLITICIANS—Not a single politician who promotes more of the same failure lives in any of the 97 MAX station areas.